Introducing Works-In-Progress

For this the first blog post by Bearcat Games I’d like to outline my current focus – a series of works-in-progress. One of the hardest things to do as a game developer is finish a project, and this holds true for me too. However, I’m also guilty of getting bored and starting something new mid-way through a project – meaning I’ve got a lot of work sitting on my hard-drive going nowhere, and seen by no-one other than me.

So a short while ago I decided that perhaps the best way to deal with this is to start releasing these to the world in their current state (maybe with a few tweaks here and there to kick them into a state where they can be shown, and more importantly played). So in the coming months I will be releasing a new one every week or so on my website ( along with some accompanying notes – these might include topics such as how it came about, design decisions, implementation, planned features etc. These works-in-progress will be in varying states – some of them have had many months of development, some were knocked up in 3 or 4 days.

Each new game will be accompanied by a blog post here, and I’d really appreciate feedback in the comments thread for each game. One of the things I’m hoping to get from this is motivation to get back to some of these projects and push them towards completion.

First up (hopefully coming in the next few days) will be Super Critter Kill (working title) – a cartoon FPS game about shooting endangered species for their skins.