The Plan

The plan is changing on an almost daily basis. The current plan is as follows:

The program I used to make my website named all the pages weirdly meaning I didn’t want to tell anyone about the release of AVC. I’ll get this fixed – manually if need be – tell people about it, and then park the website for a bit whilst I work out what went wrong/find something better to use.

The Works-In-Progress will be done via my blog initially – maybe moved over to the webpage later if I think there’s merit in that. I’ll try my best to get the first one out this week.

Game development is switching to Unity. I love XNA, but I need everything on my side – and that means as few barriers to entry and as much flexibility as possible. I’d tried using Unity before but the sample game it tends to push as a demo – Angry Bots – is a big old brute and not a pleasant way in to learning the package for me. My reluctance to move on from XNA and unfavourable first impressions meant I wasn’t looking forward to diving into learning Unity, but after a lot of procrastination I finally sat and watched all the beginner tutorial videos whilst having a bit of a play with the editor itself, and by Crikey! – now I’m a convert. I reckon I can do really good stuff with this. Absolutely cannot wait to get cracking. If the website and the works-in-progress don’t show up for a little while then Unity will be to blame. These games aren’t going to make themselves.

A new plan

Well things have changed somewhat.

I was working for Blitz Games when I made my first post, and as of last Thursday it ceased trading, so now I’ve got to find something else to do instead.

Time to give the indie thing a pop for real then.

To that end I’ve just released the one project that I’ve ever finished as a freebie, and then it’s on to new stuff. It’s a simple PC game called A Vicios Circle, knocked up in a matter of days, fittingly for a coding competition at Blitz. You can get it at

I still plan to do the Works-In-Progress, but they will have to fit in around my current new project which is intended to be my first commercial game. The first was almost good to go though, so it shouldn’t be too far off.