Sneak Peek – Super Thrustforce: Orbital Meat Police

With my game featured on flyers at GDC and soon to be shown (in a small way) at EGX Rezzed it occurs to me that perhaps I should at least acknowledge its existence, even if I’m not ready to push it in people’s faces just yet. So a quick blog post will have to suffice…

So this is Super Thrustforce: Orbital Meat Police, a game about aliens, cattle abduction and retribution via the twin barrels of your spaceship’s miniguns. That and cow puns. Lots and lots of cow puns.

I’m not ready to announce too many details on the game ┬ájust yet, but I’m currently planning to release on PC, Linux and Mac at some point this year.

I will hopefully do a more formal announcement in the near future. I also intend to start blogging occasionally about development, so please follow me on Twitter where I’ll announce new posts.

A note on the music in the video. Originally I cheekily used the awesome Orange Goblin’s equally awesome track “Your world will hate this” for this video for the Rezzed game show (and before that I had Ace of Spades), but wanted something I could use freely to post on Youtube. More out of hope than expectation I started with Empire of the Claw, whose music I used in my game “A Vicious Circle”, and when I dropped “Trance of the 80’s Arcade” in I was taken aback by how well it fit (from a things-happening-at-serendipitous-moments point of view). Ideally I wanted something a bit more rock (hence the original Orange Goblin), but so many bits work here that I felt I’d be daft not to run with it.